For some reason, the internet and every person everywhere seems to 1) know when Mercury is in retrograde and 2) feel the need to mention it. But what does it actually mean for Mercury to be in retrograde?
Retrograde means moving or occurring in a backward direction, or in the opposite direction to normal.
When Mercury is in retrograde, it means that the planet looks as if it is moving in reverse, although it isn’t in reality.
Okay, so a planet looks like it’s moving backward but it’s not, why the fuss?

Astrologists believe that Mercury is the planet that dictates communication, so that when it isn’t moving in the right direction it leads to communication breakdowns, missed connections and more.
Whether or not you believe this to be the case, here’s what to eat and drink to stay cool, calm and collected, even in chaos.

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Chamomile tea
Ever heard of apigenin? You’ve heard of it now! It’s a compound in chamomile tea, and is purported to leave you feeling tranquil and sleepy.

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You’ve heard us talk about tryptophan before. It’s an amino acid with a whole host of goodness to it, but most important of all is the fact that it helps you calm your nerves and reduces your anxiety.

For relaxed muscles, turn to the humble banana. It contains potassium and magnesium, which are perfect for building session.

Femi A-Williams is a health and fitness convert trying to reconcile a healthy lifestyle and a happy food life. She is 80% whole grain and 20% donut.

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