This A-List Trainer Explains Why You Don’t Need to Be Scared of Carbs

This A-List Trainer Explains Why You Don't Need to Be Scared of Carbs Lifesum

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Carbohydrates are your friends.

You’ve all heard about the no carb trends by now.

What you should do is be moderate, and pay attention to which foods you are eating, and when you are eating them. Quality vs Quantity.

Eating organic, whole foods should be top priority. It’s harder for the body to break down complex carbohydrates, so these are the ones you should aim for, but even then, a good potato now and them never hurt anybody.

“When in doubt have smaller portions.”

Here’s my recipe for rosemary red potatoes – they’re the best!

– Boil 5-7 small potatoes for about 5-7 minutes
– Once drained, moderately squash them right away, or cut them into quarters depending on your preference
– Add a tbsp of non dairy butter (earth balance) or ghee
– Add a pinch of salt and pepper and fresh rosemary

(A serving should be around 3.5 oz)

Quick and easy! Enjoy.

/Joselynne Boschen, Nike Master Trainer, and Founder of Alpha Venice and Alpha Sport East

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