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What if all you needed to do was change one thing to help you better manage portion control?

What if it was as simple as adjusting the size of your plate?

Well, it just might be.

Research conducted by professors Brian Wansink, and Koert van Ittersum led them to discover that eating out of larger plates encourages us to eat more than if we’d eaten from smaller plates.

How much more is more?

A study at a fitness camp gave some campers larger breakfast bowls, and others smaller bowls. Those with smaller bowls ate 16% less cereal than those with larger bowls. The study even showed that despite them consuming more, the ‘large-bowl’ campers estimation of the size of food they ate was 7% lower than the estimation of the ‘small-bowl’ campers.

So how do you beat it?

Simple. Use bigger plates for foods you want to eat a lot of; salads, fruits, greens; for example. Use smaller plates for foods you want to eat less of; meat, pasta, cake.

Just one tip, using a smaller plate or bowl isn’t an excuse to have multiple servings, learn to listen to how full your body feels before you think about a second serving.

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