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Last year, in a very, very short-lived attempt to prove I was Lifesum-worthy, I tried Aqua Aerobics.

It was fun. I was one of the youngest in the class, but I wasn’t the only one under 40, and even if working out in water is enjoyable, I still found it was a real workout. I had the soreness after each workout to prove it.

Well turns out I’m not the only one who thinks working out in water is a good idea.

Over the last few weeks news outlets everywhere won’t shut up about why working out in water is great for you.

So why work out in water?

Ease your (joint) troubles
The resistance water provides helps ease strain on troublesome areas like bones, muscles and joints. “People see things like a decrease in pain, improved daily function, and improved quality of life”, says Shannon Whetstone Mescher, M Ed, CHES. The buoyancy also makes working out in water great for people who feel heavier, like pregnant women, as the feeling of weightlessness makes it easier to move around.

Make your heart happy
It turns out it isn’t just joints and muscles that benefit. Exercising in water also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart troubles. People who struggle to exercise for long periods of time have reported being able to exercise for longer durations when exercising in water.

It’s an entry-level exercise
You don’t have to do anything extreme. You don’t have to swim. You don’t have to lift weights. You can start as simple as treading water. You stand in deep water and push down on the water was you walk. Sounds simple enough, but an hour of treading water can burn up to 500 calories, and even though it may feel at first as though all the hard work is taking place in your lower body, you’ll have to engage your core and arms, making it a full body workout.

The possibilities are endless
Despite it being an entry-level activity, you can make it as hard or as easy as you please. There is no shortage of exercises you can do, and there is something that will work each and every part of your body. If you want to build strength in your legs for example, you can try wall push-offs, if you want to get your heart rate going, you can swim for some light cardio, and if you just want to work on your flexibility there are plenty of stretches made for the pool.

So where do you start? Most gyms and pools offer water-based workouts, but if you’re struggling to find them, use an app like ClassPass to help you find some nearby. Time to take a splash!

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