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Check out this interesting article in the New York Times about the plans of the Food and Drug Administration in the US to make chain restaurants, movie theaters and pizza parlors across the country post calorie information on their menus in order to help combat the country’s obesity epidemic.

Source text + picture: http://nyti.ms/1vZdVsP

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  1. By Ruth on Mon Dec 01 2014

    I would welcome this (in the UK), at least for chain restaurants. Many’s the time that we go out for a meal and there is nowhere that I can find the nutritional information to allow me to make an informed choice. If I know well enough in advance I can sometimes find the information on a website, but that requires me to choose what to eat before going. I really appreciate establishments that offer nutritional information on the menu, or by the product for self-service/counter service establishments. One place I eat frequently when travelling provides nutritional information for the ‘basic’ dish and for all the options (chips, different potatoes, vegetables etc.) so that you can choose which to have – that’s one of the reasons that I frequent that particular chain (as well as convenience when travelling).