#staymoving – Joselynne Boschen

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“Food is the fuel for your workouts. It can be used for you or against you, choose wisely.”

– Joselynne Boschen

Over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring a few prominent people from the fitness, health and wellness world, as they share their tips for staying active in every season. We thought we’d begin with the best, our very own Lifesum ambassador Joselynne Boschen (Twitter: @JOSAlphaVenice Instagram: @alphasportusa). Here are her tips:

  1. Set your alarm in the AM with a motivational message to get you out of your bed and into your sneakers
  2. Set your schedule for the week and pencil in workouts with a buddy to keep you accountable
  3. While watching your favorite tv show or sport game, use the commercials to do push-ups, a plank, bicycle crunches or lunges. You’ll have a full workout by the end of the game!


With Lifesum, tracking your healthy habits (and the not so healthy ones) becomes a breeze. We’ll help you pick the right food, and eat the right portion sizes, to reach your personal health goals.

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  1. By Lorri Peck on Sun May 15 2016

    I set my alarm at 4:15 am every work day. The trick to getting up that early is set my alarm across the room. Once I’m up, I’m up

    • By Maria on Sat Mar 11 2017

      If on my own and watching tv, I get on my static bike and pedal. It makes me feel less of a couch potato

      • By Femi Agbaje-Williams on Wed Mar 15 2017

        That’s awesome – a great tactic for sure!

        Best, Lifesum