#staymoving – Blake Robinson

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“Get out and play.”

– Blake Robinson

This is week 2 of the #staymoving series we featuring here on the Lifesum blog. Stay tuned for tips and tricks from the pros on how they stay active. This week we’re featuring Blake Robinson, founder of Evolve Fitness (Twitter: @TheEvolveFit Instagram: @evolve.fitness). Check out his tips below:

  1. Make movement a game, don’t get stuck in the rut of mundane training and endless hours of cardio. Get out and play. Grab a friend or your four legged companion and allow yourself to be a kid again and get moving. Make movement fun
  2. Micro challenges are exciting ways to change your paradigm and get you thinking about how to incorporate more movement into your daily routine. See how many squats you can do today, or in your office on a conference call. See if you can do 100 squats in a single day, take the challenge
  3. Mind your movements – by that I mean get your mind right by moving each day. Physical exercise can provide clarity when times are tough and improve your mood throughout the day. Do your mind a favor and stay moving.

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