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Your diet is the determiner of a lot of things. The healthier the food that you eat, the healthier your skin will look. Not eating the right food affects you not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. If you don’t eat foods that contribute to your own wellness, you’ll find it harder to concentrate because your mind will lack the nutrients it needs.

If you’re trying to lose weight, then exercise alone isn’t enough. There’s a misconception that exercising is the key to weight loss, but we need to remember that even if our bodies are regularly active, the ‘perfect’ body remains unattainable if you continuously eat crappy food. Your diet should be one of the most important considerations. As a starter, here are some foods you can snack on:

Hard-boiled egg

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If you are looking for a healthy food that can be eaten as a snack, hard boiled eggs are enough to give you the protein your body needs. That aside, they’re a good source of important nutrients that you might otherwise get from a variety of sources. Eggs can be added to other foods like bread and vegetables, and you don’t have to worry about their calorie content because it is lower compared to the vast majority of products. They are highly recommended for people who are restricting their diet to lose weight, as they help to increase protein intake and lessen carbohydrates and fat. This is one good reason for you to consider adding hard-boiled egg to your snack list.



The main reason why you need to carefully choose which foods you include in your diet is so that you can cut calories and lose weight. Yogurt is known to aid in digestion, and it contains probiotics that can be very helpful in regulating your intestines. People who are always bloated can add this to their list of foods and it can actually help. For those who are aiming to lose weight, eating yogurt can help because it contains amino acids that can burn fats. Aside from that, it also has calcium that reduces the likelihood of accumulating belly fat.

Mixed Nuts

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Instead of eating fatty, carbohydrate-stuffed foods, you should consider having a quarter cup of mixed nuts. It has been proven that nuts can actually help you lose weight because of their amino acid content. It is recommended for you to eat mixed nuts during break times or before starting your workout. You can choose from almonds, pistachios, peanuts, cashews and many more. Almonds are known to be a natural remedy for people who really want to lose weight. Some nuts contain fewer calories than others, which is helpful. Instead of eating processed foods as snacks, swap them out for small cups of mixed nuts.

A piece of fruit

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It’s no secret that fruit can naturally reduce your weight. Continually adding pieces of fruit to your diet, is a guaranteed way to reduce cravings for processed food. Fruit can naturally rehydrate the body, and beyond that, fruit is natural, containing sufficient fiber to aid your digestion. The best way to add fruit to your diet is to eat it as a snack. When you go to the gym as a part of your weight loss plan, you can pack fruit and eat it during your break.

Whey protein shake

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If you want to get good results from your workout and diet, add whey protein as a part of the plan. It has a lot of benefits: it can help you cut unwanted fats easily, it works to preserve your muscles, and it stops you being so hungry. So if you want something that will stop those hunger pangs for a few hours, try a whey protein shake. 

Tracking your calories is a great way to reach your weight loss goal. You need to be conscious about the food you eat and the amount that you give to your body. Exercise isn’t enough for you to get in shape, and most importantly, starving yourself is not a good idea. Eat healthy food and don’t skip meals, starving yourself will only lead to more cravings and stress.

Author Bio:  Michael is a writer who loves to write articles on various health & fitness topics. He believes workouts are very important as they help boost our metabolism and improve our health. He believes protein plays an important part in weight loss so he recommends the use whey protein powder.

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