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So you want to know how the aisles in stores and on the Internet are filled with products that the news media covers as mostly not worth it? So you are curious if you could be healthy without spending money on pills and potions? So you also kind of hope that there is a pill or potion that could help you reach your personal health goals… even while enjoying some chocolate or some wine or both? So should you supplement?

Most likely, yes.

To actually answer your question, I would need to know – Who Are You? Yeah you. You right now – your current health status and your current eating habits. You in the past and your family’s past – your medical history. You in the future – your personal health goals. Answering your question without answering this info will not get you a truthful answer. Fortunately, I have been at this for over twenty years and in doing so compiled the key questions I need you to answer that will help us evaluate your supplemental nutrition as part of your better total nutrition needs. If you would like my help, you can get it at https://www.ashleykoffapproved.com/contact/ or you can take this supplement evaluation and get started assessing your supplement needs.

Before you supplement, we should consider the following:

1) Do you eat perfectly, daily? The answer here is “no”. No matter who or how well one eats, there is no perfect choices, only “better not perfect” choices made more often that can help us get to better health. The reason is we don’t have a crystal ball telling us exactly what our body needs by way of resources to handle what gets thrown at it today and tomorrow. That means our eating can only be better not perfect. And that’s good, because better not perfect more often will deliver better health and better supplements can be part of your better not perfect choices more often. Sure, it’s great if you can sit down to organic hemp hearts tossed into organic greens, with sweet potato or carrots, some sauteed purple onions, broccoli and mushrooms. But when that doesn’t happen – when you don’t get an organic rainbow of plants in a nutrient balanced pit stop about every three hours then you can benefit from better supplements to support you getting some of those nutrients – like vitamin D, like a better blend of omegas, like fiber, and like glucoraphanin (gluco-what? Check out my Better Detox lesson to know why you want to supplement with that one!).

2) Is your water clean, really clean? Possibly, but water can have chemicals that run-off from farms and military bases that can block the absorption of nutrients like iodine. This is just one example but it’s a big one as we have lots of people taking thyroid medication before their iodine and thyroid anti-bodies are tested. Perhaps you need some iodine and you don’t want to increase your salt intake – ahhh the proverbial rock and a hard place – that’s where better supplements come in to bridge this gap.

3) Do you get enough magnesium daily? Perhaps but perhaps you are one of the seventy of one hundred (70%) eaters in the United States who don’t get even the recommended daily allowance (about 400mg for adults) of magnesium. Or you could be someone whose health status and health goals means they could benefit from more magnesium. Why is this key? Magnesium turns off our fight-or-flight response in our cells; magnesium is designed by nature to help your body stop the stress that occurs for good and not so fun reasons, so it can get back to the work it has to do daily. Without enough, your body stays stressed out, and that means it doesn’t get to immune support and digestive and elimination work. Overtime this can mean headaches, cramps, aches and pains, it can also contribute to diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and more. SOOOooo you might want to supplement magnesium if after evaluating your magnesium needs and trying this magnesium menu to meet your minimum levels daily for a week.

4) Do you apply better beauty products, always? What goes on your skin, goes in your body, without going through the normal vetting process for what is acceptable – your digestive tract. So that means that if your skincare contains ingredients to make it foam or smell pretty or scrub better or shine brighter these could also be interfering with your nutrient load and needs especially if these ingredients are chemistry lab projects rather than food ingredients the body recognizes. Discover what is better beauty (WEBINAR) and how you can get it.

5) Does your digestive system run perfectly? Yes? Well, excellent. Because you are not what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb. That’s right your meal might be an A but your body may get a C because it doesn’t have all the resources it needs to break down, assess, eliminate unwanted, and absorb useful nutrients you are giving it bite by bite. Take this Better Digestive Evaluation and depending on outcome you may need the Better Digestive Tune Up which includes some supplements to help your body heal and perform better.


A final word about supplements: you don’t just start taking one or several ones and do so forever, you need to follow AKA: Assess where you’re at, Keep what’s working, Act better not perfect more often.

/ Ashley Koff RD


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  1. By M on Fri Jan 13 2017

    Is this only for women? I don’t see any men in your marketing materials.

    • By Femi Agbaje-Williams on Fri Jan 13 2017

      It’s definitely for men, and we have a lot of male users! The split is around 80% women, 20% men.