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Specialists tend to disagree if exercise at night can be helpful or harmful to your health. However, a lot of studies bring pros and cons that can lead you to an empowered decision. It means that if you take care and follow some tips, you can exercise at night and enjoy all the benefits of the practice.

First of all, for exercise at night, you need to keep a healthy diet and with a regulated sleep routine. Why? Because without it, the stress accumulated during the day and the effort generated by physical exercise will damage the immune system. The irregularities caused by lack of sleep or poor diet can also hinder your recovery.

Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Organization is the key to success here. Avoid sleeping right after working out because your metabolism will be accelerated, making it difficult to relax. Give yourself at least two hours to wind down before sleep and replenish your body with healthy foods.  

Some specialists do not recommend fasting diets (suggestion to the editor: read more about here) when working out at night and instead suggest that you should eat less, as long as you have fed well during the day. Many products recommended before or after workout contain stimulants. Make sure you avoid foods and supplements with caffeine, afebrile, guarana derivatives, and similar components.

Foods such as rice, apple, melon, grains, and tea, are critical for anyone who will be exercising at night, as they help decrease the amount of cortisol (a hormone linked to human stress). More good options are chestnuts, fruits, vegetables, and olive oil. So a beautiful salad with a grilled steak makes a great post workout meal.

Overeating while exercising at night can cause drowsiness, and the digestion will slow down. Remember that when you work out at night, your whole calorie routine will be different than if you did activities in the morning, so your meal should also be different.

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