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Who doesn’t have to struggle with it? A ravenous appetite – always coming at the exact moment you have decided to eat less. You often feel helplessly vulnerable to it.

But there is help out there –  There are a whole range of tips and tricks to help you control your appetite.

There are many reasons for strong cravings. Our blood sugar plays an essential role. As soon as we eat, sugar enters the blood, our blood sugar level is rising and the body starts to produce insulin in order to lower the blood sugar level again. It is a natural process. After the consumption of candy and white flour blood sugar level rises much faster and then decreases at the same speed again. The natural reaction to this is a ravenous appetite as the body translates the low blood sugar level as missing food.

General recommendation: Replace candy and white bread with whole-grain products and eat food such as e.g. a steak with salad. This will result in a blood sugar level rising and falling much slower > no more cravings.

To cut a long story short: Here are our tips for the fight against your cravings

  • Eat regularly

Plan three set meals and make sure that you eat them all. This prevents an extreme fall in blood sugar. Snacks are, of course, also allowed. If you know that the next day will be very stressful and that it will be hard to adhere to the three meals scheme,  make sure that you prepare healthy snacks. They will prevent you from panicking and eating the wrong food.

  • Be active and exercise

During exercising or walking it is almost impossible to eat at the same time. That’s quite simple. And that’s not the whole story: during exercise the body produces hormones such as serotonin and reduces stress.

  • Drink – a lot

An adequate fluid intake of at least  1.5 – 2 liters a day does not only  provide the body with sufficient fluid but also prevents ravenous appetite.

  • Distraction

It’s quite simple: if you don’t pay too much attention to your hunger it will likely vanish again. The magic word is: distraction! There are endless options: call someone, go for a walk, clean up your flat…

  • Spearmint chewing gum/candy

Peppermint has a very intensive taste which spreads quickly in the mouth. A craving for sweets then disappears quite swiftly. Chewing gum and candy are very easy to always have available as you can have them in your pockets. Another alternative is to brush your teeth.

  • Enjoy your food, do not gorge

People eating ”on the side” while being preoccupied with something different and gulping down the food are much more likely to have to fight against cravings than those who enjoy their food and only concentrate on eating. Chew every bite consciously and enjoy your food! You will be much more satisfied after your meal and will not be confronted with ravenous appetite.

  • “Sins” – wait until after your meal

Eating sweets after a meal instead of whenever you want results in a completely different impact on the blood sugar level. Eating sweets as dessert prevents a blood sugar low. Eating sweets on an empty stomach will almost always finally result in a low.

  •  Prohibitions – no, thanks!

Temptations are worst when something has been prohibited. Prohibitions basically do not have any effect. Instead of being hard on yourself, change to eating “sins” in small servings and not every day.

  • Prevent stress

One of the main reasons for hunger pangs is stress. Who hasn’t attempted to calm down their nerves with chocolate or a muffin? Start controlling stress in a different way and find new ways to calm down – this will help you to get the “reflex” of eating under stress under control.

  • Healthy sleep

Tiredness and a ravenous appetite are strongly connected. Enough sleep results in fewer hunger pangs.

  • Choose food without glutamate

Sounds familiar? Your hand is in the bag of crisps and you feel as though you can’t stop. One reason for this is glutamate. In bigger doses this flavouring plays tricks on the feeling of satiety and has a certain addictive nature.

  • Forget about so-called “light” products

They basically cheat the body and increase the feeling of hunger.

  • Tricks 🙂

It is extremely helpful to have an “antidote” when cravings become imminent. We aren’t talking about a snack here. Some people who use Lifesum have pinned a life-size picture of themselves beside the fridge. Each time they are approaching the “holy grail” for a plundering they are reminded of their goals. You could have a picture of yourself where you look the way you want to look again. Tricks like this can magically reduce the cravings.

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