How to pick your gym

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One thing people don’t always tell you when you’re starting to work out is that not every workout or gym is for you.

The gym you pick might seem like an unimportant subject (after all won’t any gym do?) but the truth is that picking the right gym is one of the key ways to eliminate the main barriers to creating a workout routine.

1. Where is the gym located?

Do you have to make an awkward u-turn to get there? Is it on the opposite side of town to everything else you usually go to? You probably want a gym that’s close to or on the way to work or your kid’s school, and a place that is no more than 10 minutes from your house. If it’s too far away, it’ll be easier to talk yourself out of going so that you can ‘save time’. If it’s out of the way, it will never be convenient to go because it will always feel like a detour. Pick the right location  and you’re already one step closer to actually making it to the gym.

2. What are the gym times?

If you work 9-5 and don’t have the flexibility of leaving in the middle of the day, a gym that’s only open between 9 AM and 5 PM is never going to work. Similarly, even if the gym is open when you’re free, if it’s the kind of place that only offers classes, are the classes you like available at times you can actually make that aren’t ridiculously inconvenient? If it’s the kind of gym or fitness studio that only does classes and requires sign-up in advance, it’s also worth checking to see how far in advance you need to sign up in order to get a spot in the class you want. It’s no use buying a membership if you can never get a spot.

3. Does the gym match your needs and wants?

What do you want from your gym? Are you going to be showering there? Do you want personal training? What kind of equipment are you expecting them to have? What type of classes? It’s important to figure out what your gym must-haves are before you get locked into anything that falls short. Most gyms (not boutique gyms) will let you try a class for free or at least explore their space before you sign anything. This can be a really comforting experience if you’re new to working out and aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for or what your needs will be.

Are you new to working out? What are you hoping to get out of your gym experience?

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