How to Maximise Your Free-ing Time

How to Maximise Your Free-ing Time Lifesum

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Feel good feeling good.

What do you do for yourself that makes you feel good?
Do you have time just for yourself that allows you to be carefree? You know, the kind of thing where you can get lost in what you are doing & the hours just fly by?

In order to be truly happy you need to find your happy place.

Whether it’s going for a long run, sitting on the grass reading a book, meditating, cooking for yourself, taking a drive to nowhere, or just sitting still. You’ll get more out of that time than you will if you accomplish 1000 things a day.

Our bodies need to recharge, decompress & feel nurtured.

Have you ever just watched kids experience the world? Or a puppy exploring a new smell? Being present is when we are at our best, our most authentic. If we can increase the number of moments we have in a day, imagine the weight that could be lifted? Let’s try to find that inner smile throughout the day!

I want to know…What does your freeing time consist of?

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/Joselynne Boschen, Nike Master Trainer, and Founder of Alpha Venice and Alpha Sport East

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