How to Let It All Out and Move On

How to Let it All Out and Move On Lifesum

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Time for a little self-care.

As a personal trainer, I’ve noticed that as much energy as we expend during exercise, we need to focus on directing back into our day-to-day.

Respecting our bodies by sitting quietly and bringing the attention back to breathing is the most basic and beneficial form of self-love.

Much of our health is related to our mental state and controls stress, sleep and recovery.

I just started reading The Buddha Walks Into A Bar, and I’m learning that I have to work on what the author calls the ‘incredible hulk syndrome’ – learning how to deal with strong emotions when they arise quickly.

There is an analogy about a glass of water…

“The first thing to remember is that these emotions are not your enemy. They are fluid and open experiences. They are the dirt swirling in a glass of water before it settles to the bottom. Like the dirt in the glass, your emotions won’t always be active on the surface unless you keep stirring them up. In other words, it’s not your strong emotions that get you in trouble, it’s the fact that you get hooked by them.”

What we need to work on is not letting emotions get backed up so that we explode. We have to do ourselves the service of dealing with things as they come up and fully allowing ourselves to move past them.

Things will always arise, but we have the choice of whether or not to give them energy. The more we can sit quietly the more this will make sense. Choose to breathe, choose to teach yourself how to react better, and learn how to make healthier decisions in the moment.


/Joselynne Boschen, Nike Master Trainer, and Founder of Alpha Venice and Alpha Sport East

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