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Seafood is healthy right? That’s correct! Seaweed or Nori is a so healthy it was recently brought in as an important staple in the Nordic Nutrition Recommendation. Avocado, the fantastically creamy omega 3 booster, and salmon is obviously just as amazing. Tons and tons of healthy fats, proteins, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium. Then sushi must be a good option? The answer is uh-uh. The fish still provides all those health benefits but the better option would be to go for sashimi with a side of edamame or wakame salad instead. The plain white rice unfortunately doesn’t come with any healthy surprises, it’ll just shoot your blood sugar through the roof which leaves you drowsy and hungry faster than you you are able to google “How healthy is sushi?”. You can always ask for brown rice off course and the problem is solved.


Here’s the formula; Fast food = Generally unhealthy. Some might argue that it’s not that simple, it depends on what the ingredients is in the so called fast food. To some extent yes, but that is putting a lot of of pressure on people knowing exactly what to pick and asking them to take away a little bit of this and a little bit of that. To put it simple, it’s recommended that you go somewhere else where they actually serve fresh food with fresh unprocessed ingredients if you really want to eat healthy. Processed meat products, loads of saturated fat from the cheese and dressings, processed white carbs, sugary drinks and desserts tempting you after the meal. I mean, why push yourself to the limit? But we like to leave people well-informed if they however choses to do it anyway therefore it’s only fair that we provide the healthiest option on the menu. First of all, don’t pick from the menu, always create your own sub:

Portion size: 6 inch, not foot long

Sub: Whole grain

Meat: Turkey or Chicken

Toppings: Everything with color, and by that I mean veggies

Dressing: Mustard, Light mayonnaise, Vinaigrette


With watermelon it’s interesting to dig down a little deeper, to the micronutrient level. Watermelon contains loads of lycopene, an antioxidant also found in tomatoes so if you have a few slices of watermelon for breakfast those slices will have your back and protect you from infections and illnesses while you are enjoying life at the beach this summer. Most foods that contain loads of water is healthy for that reason solely as it helps you stay hydrated and full for longer so you can avoid being tricked into thinking you are hungry when you’re actually just thirsty. Okay, so that was just 2 benefits, do you want me to rattle on about the remaining 375 benefits? Okay then, just a few.


The chickpea dip every one loves. Hummus gets a resounding YES on the question if it’s healthy or not. It contains dietary fibers for a happier stomach with loads of healthy bacteria and proteins that will fight unnecessary snacking due to cravings. The protein and fibers will also contribute to a balanced blood sugar levels and mood. You get healthy fat from the olive oil and tahini and vitamin C from lemon. Plus! Any food that is as simple to make as hummus will do miracles to your health, cause you can always have a big batch ready for you when hunger pangs. It’s so versatile so it’ll never get boring, just add sun-dried tomatoes, thyme or avocado in there and you have a completely new dip.

With Lifesum, tracking your healthy habits (and the not so healthy ones) becomes a breeze. We’ll help you pick the right food, and eat the right portion sizes, to reach your personal health goals.

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