It’s all well and good feeling like you feel good. But how can you know if you’re actually healthy? Are there my things you can look for as signs that you’re in great shape?

Yes, there are, and better yet, we have them. Here’s what to do to check that you’re healthy.

1. Cracked, brittle nails

If your nails are always breaking or cracking, or are particularly weak, it’s because you aren’t getting enough Vitamin D or iron. This can be particularly challenging if you’re a vegan, as most Vitamin D is found in animal products or byproducts. If this is you, take Vitamin D supplements.

2. Stable energy levels all day long

Afternoon energy crashes are a sign of unstable blood sugar levels, which are usually caused by eating too many empty carbohydrates rather than complex carbs with slow energy release, like whole grains and vegetables.

3. Urine

Yup. What colour is your pee? Yellow or green urine is an indication that you’re not drinking enough water and are dehydrated. Use the water tracker in Lifesum to make sure you’re drinking enough each day.

4. Poop

While we’re talking about things that leave your body, we might as well talk about your poo. In this case, you need to check for regular bowel movements (once a day is a minimum), colour, and consistency; black poo is not good, and neither is hard pellet-like poo.

5. Your tongue

Healthy tongues are pink, and covered with small bumps. If your tongue develops a weird white coating, gets white spots, turns red (other than after a Slurpee), is black, hairy, or sore; see your doctor.

6. Your sleep

Undisturbed, restful nights of sleep (excusing occasional bathroom breaks and crying babies) are great indicators of healthy blood pressure and normal breathing, along with lack of stress. If you aren’t sleeping well, try being done eating two hours before bedtime, make sure you’re well hydrated, and jot down any issues clouding your mind before you go to sleep.

7. You aren’t sick a lot

A healthy immune system does a pretty good job of resisting health attacks like colds and flu. If you’re often sick, there might be bigger issues. Making sure you’re eating vegetables and fruit regularly is the easiest way to ensure you get all the Vitamin C and fighting nutrients you need for a stronger immune system.

Use Lifesum’s fruit and veg trackers to see if you’re getting enough each day!

Femi A-Williams is a health and fitness convert trying to reconcile a healthy lifestyle and a happy food life. She is 80% whole grain and 20% donut.

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