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This herb grown as a root is not only delicious and can be varied endlessly. Ginger also provide you with some impressive health benefits. After reading this you might want to consider drinking that extra cup of warming chai tea or adding some ginger to your chicken- & vegetable wok. Some people even like spicing up their juices or smoothies with some ginger.

Green smoothie with mango, avocado & ginger

Antioxidant effect
Ginger is active in disarming the harmful free radicals that causes oxidative stress. This helps to prevent from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

Gingerols, some anti-inflammatory compounds included in ginger can inhibit inflammations.

Calming for the stomach and digestive system
Eases pain, helps to avoid gases and can even help pregnant women to ease their morning sickness.

Immune boosting
Provides protection against bacteria and infections. Helps to fight off those winter colds.

Cancer preventive
Along with the ability to fight off intruders like bacteria compounds in ginger has also been seen to defeat different types of cancer cells.

To get the health benefits of ginger it can be consumed fresh or dried/powdered. Surprisingly this means there’s at least some health benefits of all those ginger breads that will be eaten during christmas. As with all sweets and cookies – Enjoy in moderation!

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