Exercise trends of 2014

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Start this year with trying something new. It’s always good to find some diversity in your exercise habits to keep yourself encouraged.

Here’s a prognosis of 16 exercise trends predicted to follow us into this year and what’s next to come. Based upon American College of Sports Medicine’s Worldwide survey of Fitness trends.

1. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
The top trend of 2013 will stay one more round. Alternate short, very high intensity intervals with longer, slower intervals to recover. Although very popular you should be aware, this is nothing for the beginner due to the high risk of injuries.

2. Body weight training
Use your own body weight as resistance. A cheap way exercise with minimal equipment. You can easily do these exercises at home.

3. Strength training
Traditional strength training using weights is something for everyone, now more than ever.

4. Exercise + Diet programs
The focus is no longer just on either diet or exercise. You should incorporate both in your program to succeed.

5. Personal trainers
Still increasingly accessible in all sectors of health and fitness. In commercial settings, corporate wellness programs or medical fitness programs.

6. Functional fitness
Focusing on improving balance, coordination, force, power and endurance to be able to perform better and be functional in your every day life.

7. Group personal training
A continuing trend in 2014 is personal training in groups of 3 or 4. You still get the personal service but also the benefit of splitting the price with the other members of the group.

8. Yoga
This exercise seems to reinventing itself year after year. Appearing in a variety of forms like poweryoga, bikram yoga, yogalates – you name it!

9. Worksite health programs
With different focus – General lifestyle management, weight loss programs, smoking cessation or stress management.

10. Core training
Stabilizing abdomen, thorax and back to get improve overall stability and meet the demands of daily living.

11. Outdoor activities
All kinds of outdoor activities led by fitness professional. Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, different games and sports is climbing the trend charts.

12. Circuit training
6-10 exercises done in a predetermined sequence. Workout for a specified number of repetitions or a set period of time before you rest for a short while and continue to the next one.

13. Outcome measurement
Supposed to help in accountability. Having a clear measurement helps determine if the health or fitness program is successful in changing your healthy lifestyle habits.

14. Wellness coaching
A one-on-one approach similar to personal training to encourage, support and provide guidance.

15. Sports specific training
Exercises aiming to develop skills, increase strength and endurance specific to a chosen sport.

16. Boot camp
High-intensity training similar to military training led by an enthusiastic instructor. Both indoors and outdoor exercises includes cardiovascular, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Some exercises that dropped off the list: Zumba, Pilates, Spinning, Stability ball, Balance training. Lifesum predicts social media challenges will continue being a popular trend in 2014. Did anyone miss last year’s challenges?

Which one would you like to try this year?

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