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The Easter break’s nearly upon us so it’s high time to think about how you will enjoy the traditions and still feel good about yourself the next day. Holidays like Easter are about having a good time surrounded with family and friends but it also means being surrounded with all kinds of tempting and many times unhealthy food.

Let’s dig into what’s healthy on the Easter table and start the challenge of how healthy you can make your plate this holiday.

1. Eggs
Deviled and stuffed eggs are essentials on the Easter buffet so I’m happy to say that eggs are on top of the list of nutritious foods on the table. Eggs contain a lot of healthy proteins and fats as well as nutrients like choline, calcium and many of the B vitamins. To make the deviled eggs a little bit healthier consider using low fat mayonnaise or halve the amount of mayonnaise and mix it with some creamy avocado.

2. Salmon
Broiled, baked, warm or  cold smoked, salmon in all varieties are an outstanding source of the heart- and joint healthy omega 3 fatty acids. You also get a fantastic protein and amino acid content which keeps you full longer and helps you to stay away from the less healthy foods. One portion of salmon provides you with more than enough of nutrients like Vitamin B12, D and Selenium. 

3. Roast chicken
Chicken and all kinds of poultry are lean meats and is preferred before red meat.  But there are a few important rules. 1.  Roast it with the skin on but serve it with the skin off. Most of the unhealthy fats are found in the skin.  2. With roast comes sauce. Our suggestion is that instead of the creamy sauces just enjoy it with some extra virgin olive oil, squeeze of lemon and some fresh herbs.

4. Roast Lamb
You’ve learned that you should limit your intake of red meat. As long as you limit your intake to 2 servings per week you don’t have to deprive yourself of the lamb roast. Instead we want to give you two advice before going shopping for meat. 1. Make sure to pick the right cuts. Lamb is already less marbled than for example beef which makes it easier to get rid of excessive fat. But you can make it even better by choosing the leanest cuts such as legs, loins or shanks. 2. Pick meat from grass-fed animals instead of grain-fed animals. Grass feeding improves the nutritional quality of the meat and can for example lead to higher amounts of the healthy omega 3 fatty acids. When you cook your lamb roasting is one of the healthiest ways, compared to panfrying.

5. Asparagus
The springs brightest star is not only delicious it’s also an excellent source of fibers, folate, vitamin A and K as well as antioxidants like beta-carotene, vitamin E and C. The healthiest way of cooking Asparagus is through sautéing so we are going for a sautéed Asparagus & Tomato-salad this Easter. 

6. Radishes
Your salad needs some crispiness, get it from radishes! Radishes are just like Asparagus one of the springs most outstanding veggies packed with digestion friendly fibers, anti oxidative vitamins and cancer protective phytonutrients and minerals. 

7. Spinach
One of the best sources of potassium, iron, calcium, vitamin A, K and C. With its wide range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients spinach is considered one of the world’s healthiest vegetables as it’s lowering blood pressure, acts anti-inflammatory and cancer preventive.

Have a healthy Easter!

/ Lovisa, nutritionist

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