Man holding a jar of honey (or kombucha tea)

If you haven’t yet tried it, you’ve DEFINITELY heard about it.
I’m talking about kombucha. You know, that fermented tea drink with yeast and bacteria cultures? It typically comes in dark bottles that closely resemble beer bottles, but this stuff is supposed to make your gut healthier rather than expand it.

Apparently, ‘buch is around 2000 years old and is thought to have come from China, where it was used as a remedy to inflammatory issues. It was made by fermenting a sweetened tea with active bacteria and yeast cultures, and a lot of people so still make it at home, but you can buy it now (thank goodness).

So what’s the fuss with this bacteria drink anyway? Homemade Fermented Raw Kombucha Tea Ready to Drink

One word: probiotics. Every heard of them? They’re microorganisms that help you restore and maintain the presence of good bacteria in the digestive tract. These good bacteria, in turn, lead to better digestion and reduced inflammation, which are both pretty big pluses in our book. Anyway, kombucha is a pretty great source of probiotics, so drinking it means you’ll have a healthier happier gut and less digestive issues.
There are other purported benefits to the ‘buch, but most of them are tied to its green tea variety. While kombucha from black tea is good, the green variety comes with added green tea benefits (duh), such as:

Reduced belly fat

Here’s the last thing you need to know: Jug of iced tea or kombucha on a garden table

If you’ve yet to try kombucha, it’s important you have an idea of the taste before you sip. It’s probably best described as fizzy weak apple cider vinegar. Not sour, but not exactly sweet either.

What about you? Have you tried kombucha? What’s your favorite flavor?

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