A Nike Master Trainer on Why You Should Try Weight Training

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The myth: Lifting weights makes you bulky. The truth: It doesn’t.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m a little tired of hearing that weightlifting makes you bulky. It doesn’t.

There are a vast number of benefits that come from this form of training. Here are a few…

– increases muscles mass that naturally starts to decrease after 30
– decreases your risk of osteoporosis
– reduces signs of depression
– helps you work toward better heart health
– eliminates pain from your body by increasing your functionality
– increases the strength of connective tissues, muscles & tendons
– a pound of muscle weighs the same as fat, but is half the size, so you’re slimmer
– lowers high blood pressure

It’s all in the approach. Some people put on muscle quicker than others. Light weights with high reps will get you the muscle definition you’re looking for while your burn fat. There’s no need to lift super duper heavy weights, unless that’s your thing. Health and longevity in the body is all about functionality and mobility.

For me, those benefits are enough to get me weightlifting, but if you need more reasons…do the research.

A healthy, functional body is much better than the alternative. Trust me, the skinny ones aren’t the ones that look amazing with their clothes off.



/Joselynne Boschen, Nike Master Trainer, and Founder of Alpha Venice and Alpha Sport East

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