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Losing weight doesn’t mean exercising until you run out of steam. It isn’t just about physical activity and working out. If you want to achieve real results and lose weight properly, then you have to incorporate a specific diet. Get rid of all junk food, and start eating fresh food. Your best bet is to make your meals, from the food you grow. If you are in a position to have a garden – make a garden. Otherwise, just make sure that the food is fresh and you know where it came from.

There are a couple of superfoods on this list, and if you aren’t fond of them, you can check out superfoods powder – it’s powder which contains a couple of superfoods mixed together.

Leafy Greens

Young woman holding spinach leafs salad

Spinach, kale, collards, and various other ‘green’ food are the weight loss specialists. They are filled with fibers but are low in carbs and calories. You might not know, but calcium helps in weight loss. And, luckily, leafy greens are full of it. They’re also full of other vitamins and minerals as well.


Fresh salmon steak on rustic plate. Top view.

Salmon is an oily fish, and as such, is very healthy. Fish is a weird dish – you don’t have to eat a lot of it to feel full, and it’s high in protein as well, without having too many calories. It also contains various healthy fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids, which help with weight loss and can prevent dementia.

Beans and Legumes

Various Legumes, colorful beans top view

Beans and legumes aren’t people’s favorite foods, but they can be helpful in losing weight. Kidney beans, lentils, black beans… They are all available for you to eat and receive their benefits! They’re high in fiber and proteins as well.


cropped image of woman holding egg isolated on yellow

Even though they’re relatively high in cholesterol, they don’t have a large impact on the blood cholesterol levels, nor heart issues. It’s no surprise that bodybuilders and professional athletes eat so many eggs on a daily basis. After all, they’re high in protein and healthy fats, while bringing only a small amount of calories to the table.


Having breakfast: granola and yogurt. Woman summer concept

Yogurt is great if you want to fix your stomach since it’s rich in probiotic bacteria. Yes, there are healthy bacteria out there! Inflammation can be a regular occurrence for some people, and yogurt can help you get rid of it. Full-fat yogurt is what you’re looking for, as it’s the healthiest option.


Fresh and colorful vegetables and fruits in a wooden crate

There are no special words needed to describe fruit to you. Thousands of different fruits and all of them are unique, special, and filled with healthy stuff! Of course, nothing is healthy in huge amounts, and fruit is no different. Even though it’s filled with vitamins, minerals, and various other healthy stuff, it also has sugar. But, you shouldn’t worry about it too much since the fiber in the fruits helps regulate the release of sugar.

Chia Seeds

Chia seed, pudding, blueberries, breakfast, healthy snack, health food, healthy lifestyle, dessert, sweet food,

Making their appearance known to large groups of people, chia seeds have been here for a long time, and for a good reason. They’re probably one of the most nutritious and healthy foods in the world. Chia seeds are mostly made out of fiber, and this makes them prone to absorbing massive amounts of water. So, once you eat some, they will expand in your stomach, giving you a feeling of being full.


two avocado half with seed on a pink background. minimal color still life photography

Avocados are interesting. They are mostly used in Mexican cuisine but isn’t limited to it. In fact, avocados have become a very popular fruit all over the world. Avocados are tremendously loaded with healthy fats and contain potassium and fiber. They are best used as salad additions.

Whole Grains

Natural organic bread made from whole wheat flour with the seeds

Whole grains are pretty healthy, despite what some people might think. You’ve got yourself a nice source of fiber and proteins. You can use quinoa, oats, and brown rice in your whole grains meal. Refined grains, on the other hand, are completely useless and downright unhealthy.

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