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Double chin is an issue for many of us, and only we can understand the inconvenience. With the advancement in technology so much is changing, while I like some of the changes, my double chin used to hate the selfie trend, but things changed.

People may argue that there are several reasons for your face being fat, but if you look closely, you will understand that the fat face can be because of two obvious reasons.

  1. Genetics
  2. Your body contains a lot of fat

I use to think that to lose fat from a particular area you have to work on it only, but this is not how it works. To reduce mass from a particular part of your body, you have to shed it all. But with proper knowledge, healthy diet, few remedies and exercising you can get your desired structure. For healthy eating search for food and recipes that are not just healthy but delicious too. This way you will stick to the diet plan for the longest time.

Our metabolism plays a vital role in our weight loss; fast metabolism ensures fast weight loss while slow metabolism makes things difficult for us . With growing age, our metabolic rate gets low, but it can be easily fixed with some change in your lifestyle. Following are the ways in which you can boost your metabolism system.

  •       Drink as much water as possible
  •       Avoid tobacco and alcohol
  •       Eat nut and seeds
  •       Drink coffee
  •       Include more and more vegetables and fruits in your diet
  •       Eat garlic
  •       Allow yourself some sunshine

When it comes to exercising, we try to talk ourselves out of it. Most common reason for people not working out in the first place is that they think whenever they will leave their regimen; they will end up gaining weight. Well, this could happen but only if you do not cut down your calorie intake. What happens is when we work out our calories burn continuously, and when we stop with the workout, we continue with that same amount of calories without realizing that there is no way for our calories to burn. Do not be afraid of exercises just learn to handle it with care.

Exercising is our answer to desired body and face. To loosen up your double chin, try these exercises for fast and better results.

  1.     Tightly close eyes
  2.     Jaw release
  3.     Lips pull
  4.     Chin lifts
  5.     Blowing air exercise
  6.     Fish face
  7.     Tongue press
  8.     Pout and tilt

Exercise for at least five days a week for better results.

Author bio: Michelle Hannan is a nutritionist, and she’s on a mission to give you all the information you need to lose weight successfully. She also blogs regularly at https://www.hcgdietinfo.net/

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