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Sometimes, we need to help our body with a little cleaning, if we have consumed a lot of processed food, full of agrochemicals and other components that can harm the health. Excess of refined sugar also can intoxicate our body. Specialists recommend that at least once in a year you should follow a few tips to cleanse and energize your body.

How do you know if your body needs a detox?

Consulting a nutritionist can be a good first step towards a deep detox, but a few symptoms can help you to identify the intoxication, and act as an alert sign. Here are a few tell-tale signs of body intoxication:

Feeling tired without knowing why

Irritated skin

Allergies starting to appear

Emergence of low-grade infection

Puffy eyes

Feeling bloated

Problems during the PMS and the menstrual period

Brain fog or unusual mental confusion

If you feel you have at least five of these symptoms, you should consider changing some habits and start a detox right now, but if you checked less than five, remember that even if you’re not in a severe state of body intoxication, taking care of the body is essential. These simple tips are sure to help you cleanse your body:

1 – Drink lots of water!

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We already mentioned here on the blog, that our body is made up of at least 70% water. Water is essential, and for the body to work well, we need to replace at least the two liters of water that we lose every day. Without water, our vital functions may not work as well as they can. Drink at least two litters during the day, and during the detox, drink as much as you can. Keeping the bottle of water always with you can help you remember.

2 – Connect with your body

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Learn how to listen to your body and understand what it needs. Practice mindfulness and mindful eating. Stop eating for emotional reasons. Let hunger and satiety guide your decisions to begin and stop eating. Become aware of your food choices and how you prepare your food.  

3 – Avoid processed foods and refined sugar

Maybe you’re tired of hearing this, but it bears repeating. The more natural, the better the food. With the daily rush, we consume more processed foods that are full of chemical additives. Among the consequences of a diet rich in processed and/or refined products are issues such as weight gain and cardio problems.

4 – Drink juice and eat natural foods!

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Fruits like apple, lemons, and pineapples, for example, are an excellent source of nutrients and help to detoxify the body. Combine fruits with vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, carrots, and spinach to improve your meals or drinks! You’ll find some great recipes with these and other ingredients in the Lifesum app.

5 – Drink less alcohol and smoke fewer cigarettes

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It seems obvious but for some people, reducing the consumption of these products can be a real challenge. There are hundreds and hundreds of studies proving the bad effects of alcohol and cigarettes on our body. They are full of dangerous toxins that turn even more difficult the process of detoxifying the body. They also are the cause of many diseases. The ideal would be to avoid ingesting both during the entire detoxification process, which can last up to 15 days, but if this is an impossible challenge for you, at least make sure you significantly reduce your intake.

6 –  Remember to exercise!

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Keep moving your body. Any physical activity can reduce anxiety and stress, besides it makes our brain produce endorphin, a hormone that makes us happier. Taking care of your body and mind at the same time improves your well-being and also the results of the detoxifying process. A healthy life depends on how we relate to our whole body and the daily habits.

Let Lifesum help you track your water intake.

With Lifesum, tracking your healthy habits (and the not so healthy ones) becomes a breeze. We’ll help you pick the right food, and eat the right portion sizes, to reach your personal health goals.

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