6 Post-Workout Rituals We Can Totally Get Behind

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1. The sweat and sweat
Whoever first thought of this is a genius. The idea is that you sweat it out at the gym, give it all you’ve got, and then you head to a sauna. Yes. A sauna. Talk about a perfect ritual. Kudos to you if you have a sauna in your home, like some of our Scandinavian friends.

2. The tasty reward
Eat something delicious damn it. Go for a meal with a high protein and fiber content. It could be a bowl of greek yogurt with fruit and oats, or some chicken with sweet potato.

3. The one in the tub
What better way to unwind than to recline in a tub filled with bubbles and suds? We’d recommend rinsing before hopping in, but other than that, go right ahead, and try not to fall asleep in the tub…

4. The muscle manager
Go for a massage. Who doesn’t love massage? It is good for your muscles and well, if you don’t have time or funds to get a massage often, you can try foam rolling after your workout.

5. The TV + TLC
Imagine this. You get home from the gym, fill a basin with warm, eucalyptus-scented water, place it on the floor by the couch, collapse onto said couch, kick your shoes off, get your feet in the basin, switch on your favorite show, and relax. Why wouldn’t you? You could also swap out the TV for a chapter in a book you’re reading, or a few pages of your guilty-pleasure magazine.

6. The cold one
The only thing better than nice-cream is post-workout protein nice-cream. You’d need to make it in advance, but that feeling of finishing your workout, peeling it out of the freezer, grabbing a spoon and eating it right out of the tub, will be completely worth it. Try this recipe from Glamour.


I’m Not Lying, It’s a Chocolate Smoothie Bowl!

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