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Family obligations, household chores, and work are part of our everyday activities. All these can really be overwhelming and highly stressful. If you think you don’t have time for a 30-minute workout session or 60-minute massage to relieve stress, then you need to read this article.

We will show you 6 tested, trusted and proven benefits of breathing techniques you can leverage on. is filled with quality articles that will improve the quality of your life.

Deep breathing exercises might be all you need the next time you feel anxious, stressed or angry. All you need to do is to pay attention to these breathing exercises. Taking deep breaths remains one of the surest ways to improve your overall health performance.

Not taking deep, slow breaths could make your body to react in certain negative ways or could even lead to health problems like increased infections, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune disease, high blood pressure or hypertension, anxiety, indigestion and other mental health issues. Below are top 6 amazing benefits of breathing exercises for stress relief:

Your muscles relaxes

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If you are breathing fine, you won’t experience any physical tension, because all your muscles will relax and perform at an optimal level say health experts.

Oxygen delivery improves

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Breathing deeply will help you to relax well. When you breathe, you will notice that fresh oxygen will pour into your body cell. This will enhance the functionality of your system, physical stamina, and mental concentration.

Your blood pressure lowers

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Breathing properly will drastically lower your blood pressure. When you breathe well, your muscle will let go of tension and your blood pressure will return to normalcy.

Endorphins are released

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Deep breathing provides pain-relief, improves feelings of well-being as well as triggers the release of endorphins.

Detoxification improves

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Breathing properly will help your lymphatic system to function at an optimal level. This will surely inspire the release of harmful toxins from your system.  Deep breathing will cleanse your body, and allow it to engage in more productive lifestyle.

Relieve stress and anxiety

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Stress management is an essential key needed to improve your quality of living and health. Healthcare experts believe that deep breathing exercises remains a foundational step that will manage your life’s stresses.

Short, quick breaths are not good for you. It can lead to perspiration, tightening muscles, and rapid heartbeat, and your body will exhibit all these physical pain or negative emotions when it is exposed to certain instinctual reaction or stressful situations.

Also, in cases of an anxiety or twinge of anger, your body will pump out the juices like cortisol and adrenaline that will fuel this response once again.

Master the art of deep breathing and make it a point of duty to breathe properly daily. Ensure you breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide completely. Find out things that enable you to breathe properly and engage yourself with them, and also try as much as possible to avoid things or expose yourself to things that would make you not to breathe properly.

Some people say that the sound of rain, relaxing music and white noise are soothing and enable them to enjoy deep breathing exercises, while another group of people says that these actually distracts their attention.

Some prefer a quiet environment. Do some experiment and find out what helps you to relax and engage yourself with it. We hope you have benefitted immensely from these 6 breathing exercises.

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