5 ways to maintain a healthy diet without getting bored

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2020 is just around the corner and for many of us that means setting the customary New Year’s resolution health goals (most likely the same goals we set last year, and the year before that, but never really carried through!)

Many of us find workouts and healthy eating tedious. It’s something we know we need to do to stay in shape but it isn’t something we necessarily enjoy doing. We associate clean eating with bland, boring foods that don’t excite us *Inserts sad looking broccoli into mouth and sheds a little tear*, and spending endless hours on a treadmill trying to burn off one pack of chips. 

The reality is that when healthy eating causes us constant discontent, it’s hard to stick to a healthy diet long-term. 

Despite all of that, we’re here to tell you that healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring. Here are five ways to make it fun, enjoyable and most importantly something you can maintain in the long run.

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