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Healthy eating can be difficult. Healthy cooking can be even more of a minefield. Working out how many calories there are in something or checking the protein content is not exactly exciting after all.
There is an easier way. We’ve put together five simple tips to help make your meals just a little bit healthier, without any stress.

Swap butter for coconut oil or olive oil
Coconut oil and olive oil are pure fat. Nothing more, nothing less. Coconut oil also contains fats that protect us from viruses and bacteria, encourage the growth of good intestinal bacteria, and help to create balance between omega 6 and omega 3. We’d never tell you to give up butter completely (we aren’t sadomasochists) but olive oil mashed potatoes are the best thing you’ve never tried, and baking with coconut oil instead of butter is weirdly good. Give it a try!

Use lemon instead of salt
Salt is a great preserver and flavor-enhancer. So is lemon. And on the upside, lemon contains vitamin C and won’t send your blood pressure soaring. You’re not going to believe us on this one, but even drizzling a little lemon on your fries instead of sprinkling salt is nice (just don’t soak them!)

Replace sour cream and whipping cream with greek yogurt
Yes, your guac will work with greek yogurt. Yes, you can bake with greek yogurt. And here’s why you should: you’re looking at 59 calories per 100 g for greek yogurt, versus 345 cal for whipping cream or 193 cal for sour cream. It’s such a straightforward sub you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner. The only thing you have to watch out for is curdling if you’re simmering yogurt, and a slightly tangier taste when baking.

Roast food instead of frying it
Deep-frying is NOT your friend. Try this: Take your usual chicken breast, place it in the middle of a sheet of baking paper, squeeze a little lemon juice over it, rub it with pepper, drizzle it with olive oil, wrap the baking sheet around the chicken so that it’s sealed at the top. Place in a pre-warmed oven for 10 minutes, then open up the baking paper and turn up the heat for another 5 minutes to get the top of the chicken a little crispy. This works for fish, chicken, potatoes, and 90% of vegetables.

Go brown
Whole grain rice, whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, whole grain cereal – all the ‘whole grain’ part means is that the food hasn’t been stripped of it’s nutritional integrity; all the fiber and vitamins that make it useful for you. So if you can, always go for the brown stuff, brown bread, brown rice, brown rice…you get the idea.

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