5 Healthy Breakfasts in 10 Minutes or Less

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ph: food52

1. Breakfast Tacos with Egg, Avocado + Yogurt

Tacos for breakfast are not only genius, but so delicious that they’ll have you hopping out of bed in anticipation. This Food52 hit is not only good for breakfast, but works for lunch and dinner as well.


2. Quinoa Porridge with Honey and Cinnamon

What’s that? You’ve been eating oatmeal porridge. Well trust us, quinoa is better. There’s more porridge and more fiber so you’ll be fuller for longer. Also Kate from The Healthy Chef  has the perfect recipe for when you want to create your own add-ons.


3. Smoked Salmon and Cottage Cheese Toast

This literally takes 2 minutes to make, is zingy, tasty, filling and full of protein. You can’t go wrong! Get the recipe here


4. Poached Eggs on Asparagus

Incredible to think you can have something this luxurious in under 10 minutes isn’t it? Chef Mike Ward has the 10-minute recipe you’ll be whipping up for brunches to come, trust us.

5. Avocado + Banana Smoothie

Is there anything easier than throwing a load of ingredients into a blender? It’s cold, it’s creamy, it’s refreshing, and it’s full of healthy fat and protein. Click here for the recipe.


3 Simple Lunches Under 500 Calories (that aren’t all salads)

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