4 Food Shows & Documentaries We Can’t Stop Watching

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Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Once a meat-eater, always a meat-eater? Maybe, maybe not. This documentary looks not at the humanitarian aspect of eating meat, but the environmental aspect of it. Prepare for a whole host of ‘oh my goodness’ moments, and to leave the film converted. Our Business Development Manager has been a vegetarian since.

Watch it: On Netflix, on DVD, or download from their website

Chef’s Table

Exclusively for Netflix, this David Gelb documentary series is all about the love of food and the chef’s point of view. It’s not pretentious, you don’t need to know about all the fancy restaurants or chefs, and it’s beautifully shot. You’re about to fall in love with Michelin Star food.

Watch it: On Netflix

That Sugar Film

What’s the recommended amount of sugar we should consume each week? How much sugar do you eat in a week? Are you sure? That Sugar Film is about Damon Gameau’s only eating ‘healthy’ foods, and as a result exposing just how much sugar is hidden in what we eat. This film might break your heart over sugar, but it’s going to make you laugh in the process.

Watch it: Online, on DVD, or on iTunes

The Great British Baking Show

Also known as The Great British Bake Off in England, this show bring a group of novice bakers into a kitchen and challenges them week after week to bake the most outrageously beautiful and delicious creations. We dare you NOT to get inspired into baking something.

Watch it: On PBS


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