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Chocolate covered fruit and berries

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Dark chocolate has double the amount of antioxidants than the sweeter milk chocolate. It’s richer in fibers that satisfies faster and keeps your sweet tooth at bay.

Dark chocolate (70% cocoa) even has the ability to boost your mood as it acts as a mild stimulant, boosting serotonin levels.  Flavonoids found in dark chocolate can help to control blood pressure and lower the risk for heart diseases and stroke.

Recipe: Chocolate covered fruit and berries

Carrot cake yogurt parfait

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Traditional it is, but the carrot cakes are (not to anyones surprise) enormously calorie dense and sugary when eaten like we usually do, mindless munching of 6 ounce pieces of 700 kcal. We’ve found a way to indulge in the lovely taste of carrot cake in a new setting.

This one was made with a piece of leftover carrot cake made of almond flour instead of regular flour and stevia instead of sugar. The layering with creamy greek yoghurt and walnuts is so good you forget its actually packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Recipe: Carrot cake yogurt parfait

Strawberry yoghurt parfait

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This is one of the luscious and summary desserts I know. It tastes like strawberry cheesecake in a glass but are far more beneficial than just for satisfying your sugar cravings. It’s low in calories, high in fibers, potassium and vitamin C. 

Recipe: Strawberry yogurt parfait


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