3 Dont’s That Will Help You Avoid Snaccidents

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Ever had a snaccident? Yeah, we’re all guilty as charged.

But they can be avoided. All it takes is some good planning and following a few of these no no’s.

1. Don’t regret it to start with
It’s not an accident, because you enjoyed it, right? At least make sure you enjoy the food you eat. If you have it, go ahead and love it! It’s not worth filling out 15 minutes of boredom with something you didn’t even enjoy and makes you feel bad afterwards. Work on embracing the mindset of not feeling guilty if you’ve already eaten something. Then move on to making a change.

2. Don’t play cat and mouse with yourself
You can spare yourself a lot of drama and disappointment by just being fair to yourself. Try not to keep your favorite snacks at home. It’s actually as simple as that. If it’s there, you’re tempting yourself.

3. Don’t sit there and wait for it to happen
Be prepared, because it happens every time you’re hungry, and even more when you’re hangry. Think of something healthier that you know you enjoy. Cravings come in many shapes and sizes so I won’t try to explain to you what a craving is, but I enjoy snacking on kale chips for example, I mean a lot of them and how bad is that, really? And almonds… mmmm..

/ Lovisa, Nutritionist at Lifesum


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  1. By Andreas Houben on Mon Jul 11 2016

    Was macht man mit den Avocados?

    • By Lovisa on Tue Jul 12 2016

      Do you mean in general? You can make a dip out of it by mashing and season with salt and chili powder. Or you just eat it as it is with a spoon.