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Yes better nutrition enables better health, but better nutrition better be delicious or you and your body won’t love it enough to come back for it more often, which is what we need to get and keep better health. Here are some of my favorite Ashley Koff Approved (AKA) Better Recipe – hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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Looking for a gluten-free, high fiber and protein bread replacement and feel like a lot of the Paleo breads taste like Stone Age dirt? Look no further then Socca, this chickpea flatbread is easy to make, delicious and nutrient dense – better nutrition doesn’t get any simpler! Top with guacamole, hemp pesto or walnut spread

Socca pancakes

Recipe (inspired by My New Roots) best made from dough that’s sat overnight

Yield: 6-8 palm size Socca Pancakes or three large Flatbreads

1 cup organic chickpea flour
1/4 tsp sea salt
1 Tbsp organic dried Rosemary
1 ¼ cup room temp water
3 Tbsp organic extra-virgin olive oil
Avocado or coconut oil, for pan

1. In a mixing bowl, combine chickpea flour, salt, and rosemary.
2. Blend in warm water and olive oil.
3. Let sit, covered, overnight or all day for as many hours as possible but at least an hour, minimum.
4. To prepare: Add avocado  coconut oil to a hot cast-iron sautee pan, and pour batter in as you would to make pancakes. Let sit 2-3min and watch for little bubbles in the batter. Flip when ready. Finish cooking – when the pancake is firm and the edges are set, should be golden brown

Enjoy with the toppings of your choice – guacamole, hemp pesto, roasted veggies, nut butter

You can store extra batter in your fridge all week long, too.


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