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Ok Lifesum friends – you asked for it so here is my Ashley Koff Approved (AKA) List of 10 Foods that will upgrade your nutrition score RIGHT NOW!

Important: these are not ranked in any order.

Support your body’s own detoxification system with glucoraphanin found in the highest amount in broccoli florets (the curly heads) – don’t overcook and don’t boil!

2. TEA
Organic teas provide antioxidants that help the body remove unwanted “dirt” but teas have other powers like green tea being an energy booster but also helps suppress appetite. And oolong tea helps breakdown fats!

The plant kingdom’s wild salmon this plant food’s seeds provides all the essential amino acids to make a complete protein, as well as essential omega fatty acids including the hard to get in GLA (aka GLAmour because it helps support healthy hair, skin and nails) fatty acids. It delivers fiber too and no extra carbohydrates so hemp hearts pair perfectly with your other carb choices.

Other than adding great taste, cinnamon mimics insulin so it helps sugar get picked up from your blood – where it is not helpful or healthful – and taken into your cells to be used for better energy.

Magnesium turns off the stress response in our cells and cacao packs magnesium in with theobromine to help you not only reduce the body’s stress but to feel a bit of bliss about it too!

These brain shaped nuts provide omega 3 fatty acids that support brain health but also help you feel full and satisfied from less food. That means walnuts are not only good for your brain, they are great for your waistline too.

Organic berries give you the sweetness you seek without the sugar load that can trigger unhealthy inflammatory response. They also provide quick energy and their colors mean serious business for enabling better health throughout your body starting with your heart.

Deep orange means deep immune support and that’s what a sweet potato helps do for your body, especially when it needs help taking on a cold or recovering from an illness or injury. The skin’s fiber helps support better digestion and the flesh provides sweet quick energy so pair this with proteins, healthy fats, non-starchy vegetables, spices and herbs.

This weak acid is strong on enabling better digestion enables you to get and keep better health. Add lemon juice to water and sip through a stainless steel straw (so lemon doesn’t harm dental enamel) or squeeze the lemon into any favorite recipe. Oh and the rind packs antioxidants too so wash the fruit and then bake it into better bites and recipes too.

10. OATS 
What’s good food for your heart is great food for the rest of your body too. When swop out refined white flour cereals or in baked goods and instead blend in organic oats you get the nutrition upgrade of soluble and insoluble fibers that help you feel full, that remove unwanted toxins, and that provide the nutrient resources your cells want to promote better energy. Worried about gluten? Choose certified gluten-free oats.

/ Ashley Koff


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