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Smooth food and exercise tracking

Small details make all the difference. The new Lifesum makes tracking meals and exercise effortless. Keeping an eye on your progress has never been this easy.

Meal and exercise feedback

You’ll get feedback following meals and exercise to help you pick the right foods, learn about correct portion sizes, and stay active. Not too much, not too little.

Eating the right foods

Food grading on the LCHF and High Protein diets helps you see which foods to eat or avoid in order to succeed each day.

Progress is the best motivator

Progress update reminders help keep you motivated. Because there’s no need to visualise success when you’re living it.

Shared joy is doubled joy

Or so we Swedish say. Share your experiences with those around you for increased chances of success.

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Successful Diets

It's a journey and we'll help you on the way


Custom Calories

A balanced diet with lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains and fish. No need to eat less. Just eat better.

5:2 Diet

Eat what you want (except 2 days a week)

Simple: 2 days fasting and 5 days normal. Eat what you want.


Eat fat – lose weight

Butter, olive oil and cream. Mmmmm. But no bread or pasta

High Protein Diet

Build and maintain muscle

Adapt the amount of protein for you and your exercise goals

  • "The variety of foods you can eat is amazing. I love fruits and vegetables."

    Nika about Standard

  • "I learned to recognize true hunger and don't eat when i'm bored anymore."

    Henrik about 5:2 Diet

  • "When i'm on LCHF i can control my sugar demons and my cravings for carbs disappears"

    Maria about LCHF

  • "I get to eat as much as i want and i feel full on fewer calories. I just never go hungry."

    Boris about High Protein

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