Lifesum partners with OpenESG’s Generative AI to connect nutrition and sustainability data

London/ New York: August 18, 2023—Lifesum, the leading global healthy eating platform is partnering with OpenESG, the global sustainability generative AI platform that delivers sustainability and ESG data and insights, to connect how dietary choices impact the climate. 

Lifesum’s holistic approach to wellness enables users to understand how nutrition impacts core pillars of health. Lifesum recently unveiled a sleep tracking functionality that allows users to recognize how their dietary choices impact their sleep patterns—and vice versa. This was made possible in partnership with ŌURA, the company behind the smart ring that delivers personalised health data, insights, and daily guidance—and builds on Lifesum’s integration of Health Connect by Android.

“Deepening our understanding of the relationship between sustainability and nutrition is key to improving the overall health of the individual and the planet. By partnering with an innovative company like OpenESG, we’re taking another exciting step towards Lifesum’s holistic approach to health and wellbeing, which empowers everyone to live a longer, healthier life,” said Marcus Gners, CIO at Lifesum. 

According to the UN, an additional 70 percent of the current food demand is required to feed the world's estimated population of 9.1 billion by 2050.

As the global population continues to grow, increased demand for emission-intensive food will boost further emissions. However, action to protect the planet against the impact of climate change will be insufficient unless we reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the global food system, which now makes up a third of manufactured GHG emissions, a new study reveals.

"The partnership with Lifesum is an exciting opportunity to connect nutrition with sustainability. A heightened level of transparency around food for the general consumer will encourage a positive shift in purchasing habits, not only encouraging healthier eating, but a healthier impact on the planet," said Tee Ganbold, CEO at OpenESG.

Media Enquiries 

Marcus Gners, Lifesum CIO, and Tee Ganbold, CEO at OpenESG, are available for interviews. 

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About Lifesum 

Lifesum is the leading global healthy eating platform that empowers people to make smarter food choices and build sustainable eating habits for life, whether you want to reach a healthy weight or improve your long-term health. With a holistic approach to wellness, Lifesum helps you to understand how nutrition impacts core pillars of health, including sleep, exercise and mental wellbeing. Lifesum features personalized nutrition insights and guidance, recipes, meal plans, diets, and food and exercise trackers. Learn more at   

About OpenESG was founded in 2022 by Tee Ganbold, David Aikman and Daniel Ellison. OpenESG is a global sustainability data infrastructure that is committed to leveraging technology to solve the world's most pressing sustainability challenges. Our innovative solutions including Generative AI ChatESG provide fast  access to ESG, climate, and sustainability data. Our goal is to enable everyone to understand where their products come from, and buy from companies that reflect their values. It is the world’s first open, free, fast and dynamic sustainability ID  platform for companies to understand their supply chains and consumers to check their products.