Why 30 Million People Are Using This Keto Diet App

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  • Super simple approach to weight loss
  • Tell you what to eat & It monitors your progress
  • Lose weight without hunger

1 – It tells you how much you need to eat to go keto

If you google ‘How much should I eat every day?’, you’ll usually find the same information: recommended calories for women, 2000, recommended calories for men, 2500. But these numbers aren’t the same for everyone. 

Lifesum allows you to tailor these numbers to you. You state your age, height, and weight, along with your goal weight, and not only does it help you set a healthy goal weight, it tells you exactly what you need to eat to achieve it.

2 – It tells you what to eat 

Weight loss isn’t just about eating less, it’s about eating less of the bad stuff and more of the right stuff. Here’s how Lifesum helps with that: It doesn’t just tell you ‘Eat 500 less calories today’, it tells you, ‘Eat 500 less calories today, and make the main source of your calories these types of food’. It’s like having a personal nutritionist in your pocket!

3 – It monitors your progress and helps keep you motivated

Trying to eat better is hard. There are very few of us who really want a salad over a slice of pizza. But it is easier to stay motivated when you see that it’s making a difference. Lifesum is helpful because it shows you how far you’ve come. It puts your eating and exercise habits in helpful charts and graphs, and prompts you to update your weight so you can actually see the weight falling off each week. Now that’s motivation!

4. It Is The ultimate keto diet toolkit

Track your carbs with Lifesum and lose weight without hunger. Set your own daily amount of carbs in your macro settings, or follow our recommendation. Lifesum’s keto app offers 3 different keto diet plans (strict, medium, easy) and the ultimate keto diet toolkit to help you succeed. You’ll get a macro-tracker, carb-tracker, net carb calculations and keto recipes for all occasions.

Our beautifully designed app makes tracking carbs fun!

Different versions of ketogenic diets in our app

Ketogenic strict example dishes

Our keto diet is available in three versions: Easy, Medium & Strict. Easy is a good choice when you want your body to adapt to a keto diet, or after a longer time of ketosis when wanting to slowly include carbs again. Medium and Strict speeds up your weight loss like nothing else.

Lifesum is the biggest health apps, with top ratings on both App Store & Google Play and over 30 million users world wide. Track your carbs with Lifesum and lose weight without hunger.

Start Your Keto Lifestyle With Lifesums Keto Diet Plan Today!

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This app is so helpful that I bought the premium version. In this first week of using The Energizer I have lost over 7 pounds!

This is the best app I’ve tried so far. It finds EVERYTHING. The insights are so helpful and have made me more conscious of what I’m eating. The recipes look great, interface is intuitive and user-friendly. I just upgraded to Premium and excited to keep using this app!

5/5 loveee this app, helps me stay on track and it’s easy to use! Best fitness app to keep track!