The Diet App That Will Change Your Life

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When it comes to weight loss, while the general rules might be simple, we all know it’s way easier said than done. There’s some good news though. The Lifesum app has an incredible 3-week weight loss plan which makes weight loss simple, effective and goal focused. 

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What is the 3 week
weight loss plan?

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. A 3-week long, step-by-step, goal-focused plan that guides you through every day for the entire three weeks. Figuring out what to eat and making sure you have all the right ingredients are typically the hardest things with weight loss, and the app pretty much hands you the keys to success by ensuring that all of these difficulties and obstacles are removed.

Lifesum is great because it helps you track your progress, day by day and week by week, showing you how you’re doing and holding you accountable through progress updates. The app also sends you personal reminders to make sure you stay on track!

How does the app work?

The app is beautifully designed and incredibly easy to use. You enter your basic information: gender, age, height, weight; then you pick a health goal: weight loss, and select the 3-week weight loss program; the app does the rest.

How does the app help me?

Here’s what you get in the app: quick and easy recipes, a dedicated meal-by-meal meal plan, a complete shopping list that tells you exactly what you need (and how much), a food diary with a calorie counter – so you can see where you land on calories each day, habit trackers, which help you get enough water, limit red meat intake, and eat more greens.

The best part is that keeping track of your meals is easy; the app sends you reminders to track meals, and offers a variety of easy food tracking methods, including photo tracking and straightforward barcode scanning. It ultimately makes your weight loss journey simple.

What are the results?

If you want more energy, less hunger, and of course weight loss, this is the meal plan for you! 3-week weight loss fans report that cravings disappear quickly, they have more stabilised moods, and feel a lot more confidence.

I feel fantastic! In the last three weeks I’ve lost almost 11 pounds, and lost 7.2cm around my stomach and waist. It makes it so much easier to track what you’re eating and know what nutrients are in foods

Download the app to get started with 3 Week Weight Loss today!

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I have tried many different calorie counting apps and have never been able to stick to them. However, I have been using lifesum for a while now and am absolutely loving it!! I even bought the premium version! I also have an Apple Watch and love the little green apple that motivates me to move & and drink my water! <3

This is the best app I’ve tried so far. It finds EVERYTHING. The insights are so helpful and have made me more conscious of what I’m eating. The recipes look great, interface is intuitive and user-friendly. I just upgraded to Premium and excited to keep using this app!

5/5 loveee this app, helps me stay on track and it’s easy to use! Best fitness app to keep track!

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