What I Eat In A Day And How This App Can Help

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  • It helps me to be aware of my macros
  • Less focused on weight and more on measurements
  • Realising what is “healthy”/“not so healthy”

Paulines routine

Pauline work as data analyst: with the help of code, I examine and identify data trends. Her interests include cooking, exercising and Netflix, as well as trying new restaurants (mostly Italian and Indian).

Pauline used the Lifesum app to track habits and monitor Body Mass Index. Combined with daily exercise, the app taught her all about healthier eating and provided nutritious, inspiring and easy recipes to follow.

Continue reading for more insights on how to eat, improve your health, eat better on a daily basis and get more energy while keeping track of your calories with the Lifesum app.

“Born in France, I arrived in Sweden about 2 years ago. Before moving here, I wasn’t a particularly sporty person. I started running, then trained for Triathlon and began Crossfit two weeks ago to continue exercising during the tough the winter months.”


Oatmeal with red figs, cranberries and walnuts in a bowl, above view on rustic wood
“Oat meal, with fruit (like half a banana with apple or berries) and soya “yogurt”. Or when I am more in a rush a smoothie with the same mix. Usually on Saturday morning I have a brunch with bread, butter, scrambled eggs and a fruit smoothie. Once a week, I’ll allow myself a croissant.”


White bowl of penne pasta with spinach and cheese
Full-corn pasta (love it) or whole grain rice or quinoa with a mix of raw and cooked vegetables and “fake” vegetarian meat or tofu or chickpeas. If I have a training in the evening, I am not afraid of carbs. My plate is about half of vegetables, and 1/4 of carbs or 1/4 of protein source. Sometimes I have slightly less vegetables and more carbs.”

If I did not have time to prepare lunch, and do not want to go for too unhealthy junk food, I have a bowl of oat meal with banana, 1 fruit and yogurt.


lunch, salad, bread
“I have something fast and easy to do, like a salad with a piece of whole grain bread. If I trained a lot during the day and I have low protein quantity, I have a vegan protein shake after training.”


Skip the Shake, These Pre-Workout Snacks are Everything Lifesum
“I sometimes snack during the morning (around 10am) with fruit and nuts. In the afternoon, I have fruit and a handfull of nuts (I am crazy about cashew nuts) and sometimes a slice of whole grain bread.”

What’s your favourite healthy but lazy meal?

My easy and fast meal, but still being healthy, is to prepare a homemade bolognese: canned tomato (with no added sugar) with a couple of fresh tomatoes added in, a red onion, vegetarian “minced meat”, sometimes mushrooms or canned corn with whole grain pasta

What do you prefer to eat on a “cheat-day”?

I lean towards sweet food, like a pie. When I have more time, I bake a fruit pie without adding sugar – still enjoy the sweetness without the “badness” of sugar.

What is your most important piece of advice for a healthy diet? 

“Don’t be obsessive: I track as much as possible and even when I know I’ll exceed my calories I just keep tracking and I do not over stress the next day. Don’t over compensate the next day, just tried to have a better day, closer to my target calories. Sometimes I won’t lose weight for a week for whatever reason. but I try not to stress about it and keep tracking.”

How can Lifesum help you to live more healthy? 

  • Realising what is a “healthy”/“not so healthy” food, after scanning the barcode. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised! 
  • To track my macronutrients: I am shifting towards vegetarian and sometimes plant based days, and it helps me to be aware of my macros.
  • I am less focused on weight and more on my measurements. Lifesum helps me to track my hips and waist measurements in addition to my fat mass percentage.

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This app is so helpful that I bought the premium version. In this first week of using The Energizer I have lost over 7 pounds!

I have tried many different calorie counting apps and have never been able to stick to them. However, I have been using lifesum for a while now and am absolutely loving it!! I even bought the premium version! I also have an Apple Watch and love the little green apple that motivates me to move & and drink my water! <3

Easy to use, love the interface and how it has recipes and keeps me on plan. I upgraded to the full version, no regrets! I’ve tried many apps and in my opinion this one is the simplest to use and guides my choices!