The Ultimate Diet App For Your 2019 Health Goals

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  • Personalised diets and meal plans
  • Track calories and carb intake
  • Fast and effective weight loss

New Year, new you! We’ve all heard that line somewhere before. But how you can you start a diet and ensure that you stick to it this year?

Starting 2019 healthy

You’ve set yourself some New Years health goals – but maybe you need a little help to ensure you stay on track and hit them? This app has you covered!

Diet plan test

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Can 2019 be different?

It doesn’t have to be the same this year. With a little help, personalised tips and some nudges in the right direction, this year can be your year.

The Lifesum app is just what you need to make it happen.

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How can the Lifesum app help me?

A health app with a personal focus, Lifesum helps people all over the world achieve their health goals; whether that’s losing weight, building muscle, or just trying to form healthier habits. The app has a variety of health plans for every type of lifestyle, so you can do everything from intermittent fasting and ketogenic dieting to mediterranean diets filled with healthy fats and tons of seafood.

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What results will I see?

The app’s all-time favorite plan is, without a doubt, the 3-week weight loss plan. Designed to help you get results you see and feel in just three weeks, it’s the perfect way to kickstart a healthier you in the new year. It comes with healthy balanced meals for each day, a list of foods to buy, and tips and tricks for how to get the most out of the three weeks. Whatever plan you choose, you’ll be on the right track and on your way to your 2019 goals. 

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How to start your year healthy?

Making a change for a healthier new year couldn’t be easier. You can get the app on Google Play and at the App Store, and it’s free!

What are you waiting for?

  • Download the app
  • Set a health goal
  • Pick a plan
  • You’re all set!

Be a healthier you this year!

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Seriously, I’ve tried it all. Get this! It’s super easy, and if you want personalized help it’s CHEAP and WORTH EVERY PENNY. I’m a happier, healthier gal.

This is the best app I’ve tried so far. It finds EVERYTHING. The insights are so helpful and have made me more conscious of what I’m eating. The recipes look great, interface is intuitive and user-friendly. I just upgraded to Premium and excited to keep using this app!

5/5 loveee this app, helps me stay on track and it’s easy to use! Best fitness app to keep track!