The 5:2 Diet App That Will Get You Back In Shape.

  • Personalized diet plans
  • Calorie and Macro tracking
  • Quick and easy weight loss

How can the Lifesum app help me?

The Lifesum app helps you make the most of your dieting. It comes complete with personalized diets, meal plans, and recommended recipes. The app will help you set a calorie goal for off-days, and give you a much smaller calorie goal for on-days. Add to this carefully curated 5:2 -friendly recipes, and built-in water and exercise trackers, and you’ve got all you need.

Tracking is proven to help you stay on target and in line with your health goal. You can set your own daily amount of carbs in your macro settings, or you can follow our recommendation. It’s like having your own nutritionist and personal trainer right in your pocket.

Our beautifully designed app makes tracking carbs and weight loss simple and fun!

The Lifesum app has tailored, easy to follow 5:2 diet plans, where you’ll see quick weight loss results.

What is a 5:2 diet?

It’s called the 5:2 diet. Intermittent fasting; 2 days dieting, 5 days not. Because it’s all about limiting calorie amounts on different days, there’s less focus on what you eat.

It’s a diet that works for you, around your calendar, your lifestyle, and your food preferences. There are no off-limit foods, you’ll typically have fewer cravings, and you’re pretty much guaranteed quick weight loss.

What can I eat?

On off days, you can eat whatever you want, but we recommend sticking with whole foods, and foods that are low in sugar. If you’re having to eat out on fasting days, choose restaurants or eateries that have simple bites with plenty of protein, like the sous vide egg bites from Starbucks.

The Lifesum app does all the calculations for you, and gives you helpful recipe suggestions on what to eat on your fasting days, It’s the best way to do 5:2 and have fun with it.

Why 5:2 works

– You eat normally 5 days a week
– You eat a reduced calorie goal (1/4 of your calorie goal) on fast days

It’s a simple equation with calories; if you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight. Eating less on fasting days means that you’re always operating on a slight calorie deficit, so you’re losing weight at a steady pace.

Health benefits

The diet also has a variety of health benefits. It’s been shown to be effective at reducing insulin levels, decreasing blood inflammation, better cognitive function, and is even rumoured to offer some protection against conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

When not eating for a certain number of hours, your body has time to clear out rest products from all the normal food you eat, making you feel more energized over time. You will benefit from mental clarity, healthy blood lipid levels, and a kick- start into your weight loss journey.

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