The Perfect App For Keto Dieting in 2019

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  • Fast weight loss without hunger
  • Carb-tracker with net carbs
  • Simple and delicious keto meal plans

The Keto diet continues to take the fitness world by storm. It is everywhere – and this new health app can keep you on track. You’ll eat a lot of cheese, bacon and avocado, but no bread, pasta or sugar.

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What is Keto? 

Keto dieting is all about bringing your body into a state known as ketosis. Ketosis is when your body starts to generate energy from fat reserves rather than carbohydrates, and your body releases things called ketones. It’s achieved through cutting down on carbsand filling up on healthy fats.

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Now, while the rules are pretty straightforward, and the diet comes with incredible results, that doesn’t mean it’s always the easiest to follow. Between the counting and measuring of every gram and bite, it’s easy for Keto to get a little tedious and a lot boring. You can only eat so much straight cheese, right?

Do I need an app to go keto?

Fortunately, with the Lifesum app, Keto dieting becomes a whole different ballgame. Forget opening your cupboards with despair, sighing over lunch, and rolling your eyes at the sight of boiled eggs; Lifesum’s ketogenic meal plans are all about helping you create simple and delicious meals that you’ll want to eat.

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How can the Lifesum app help me?

Lifesum is a health app that takes the hard work out of living a healthy, happy life. The app currently has meal plans for every type of dieter, but this new year comes with the launch of two shiny new Keto plans: Keto Burn designed to help you lose weight and see the results quickly, and Keto Maintain which gives you the tools you need to maintain a healthy weight.

Starting a ketogenic meal plan

Each plan lasts for 21 days; the perfect amount of time to see and feel results and get you inspired for your health journey. The plans come with day-by-day recipes, food lists, and tips and tricks to help you get the most out of eating the keto way. That’s on top of the app’s other clever features including body measurement tracking, a food database full of nutritional information on thousands of foods, and a water tracker that reminds you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

So why wait? With two new incredible keto meal plans, and a whole host of other ways to help you keep your health on track, the Lifesum app offers you an incredible opportunity to be your best you this year!

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Get started with one of our Keto plans today!

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This app is so helpful that I bought the premium version. In this first week of using The Energizer I have lost over 7 pounds!

Seriously, I’ve tried it all. Get this! It’s super easy, and if you want personalized help it’s CHEAP and WORTH EVERY PENNY. I’m a happier, healthier gal.

5/5 loveee this app, helps me stay on track and it’s easy to use! Best fitness app to keep track!