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Upgrade your life The Diet App for 3-Week Weight Loss

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  • Personal diet plans
  • Easy to follow weight loss
  • Delicious meal plans and recipes

If you were 90% likely to win at something, would you consider it worth doing? Well, 90% is the success rate of Lifesum’s new 3-Week Weight Loss program.

Lifesum. That’s the name of the diet and nutrition app that 30 million people all over the world are using. The app is designed to make living a healthier life and losing weight more accessible and easier to do, and it works!

Linnéa Hultgren started using Lifesum’s 3-Week Weight Loss plan and has seen fantastic results on the scales. She reports losing 11 pounds in 3 weeks and tells us everything about how she used Lifesum:

How do you feel?

“I feel fantastic!”

“On the inside, I’ve gotten a lot more energy. My stomach isn’t as swollen as it used to be, and it doesn’t hurt after every meal like it used to before I started the diet. I’ve also noticed that I have fewer sugar cravings, I sleep a lot better, and where I used to have 5-6 migraines a week, I now don’t have any at all. It’s been great to see that I can eat foods I wasn’t used to, enjoy them, and feel full from eating them. One of my favorite evening meals is tuna salad with avocado, full of good fats and protein.”

Have you noticed physical changes in your body?

“In the last three weeks I’ve lost almost 11 pounds, and lost 7.2 cm around my stomach and waist.”

“It makes it so much easier to track what you’re eating and know what nutrients are in foods”

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What’s the best thing about the Lifesum app?

“The best thing about Lifesum is that it doesn’t feel like I’m on a diet. I eat good food, and I feel full. There are also tons of great recipes I never would have tried if it wasn’t for Lifesum, and then of course the fact the app allows you to scan foods; it makes it so much easier to track what you’re eating and know what nutrients are in foods when you’re shopping.”

“After my 3 week weight loss results, I started following Lifesum’s standard plan. I can eat what I want as long as I am within Lifesum’s recommended intake.”

If you’re interested in losing weight, or just want a better idea of how healthy you are, download the Lifesum app today! Not only will you get access to diet plans, meal plans and healthy recipes, but you’ll be able to use habit trackers, and a scanner for foods, you’ll also find help for every step of your health and fitness journey.

Get started with your weight loss journey today!

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I have tried many different calorie counting apps and have never been able to stick to them. However, I have been using lifesum for a while now and am absolutely loving it!! I even bought the premium version! I also have an Apple Watch and love the little green apple that motivates me to move & and drink my water! <3

This is the best app I’ve tried so far. It finds EVERYTHING. The insights are so helpful and have made me more conscious of what I’m eating. The recipes look great, interface is intuitive and user-friendly. I just upgraded to Premium and excited to keep using this app!

I love this app! It has so many features and great advice. With the different meal plans and exact calorie counts, this app was perfect for me.