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  • Personalised fitness goals
  • Track carbs and count calories
  • Easy, delicious and healthy recipes

Setting and reaching new fitness goals can be difficult, and we get why. They can be tough. The initial inspiring and empowering feelings can quickly become frustration or disappointment over what you didn’t manage to achieve. This is about to change.

Do you have fitness goals this year?

Sometimes resolutions stick, sometimes not so much. And it’s not necessarily that you’re bad at setting goals, it might just be that you don’t have the right infrastructure. Going from zero to 100 is a pretty astronomical leap, and sometimes it helps to have the guide to help you stay on course.

Well, there’s an app to help you. It’s called Lifesum.

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The ultimate health and fitness app

Lifesum is all about helping you create meaningful, everyday habits that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or simply maintain what you’ve already achieved, the app has all you’ll ever need.

How can I reach my fitness goals?

The app comes with a variety of meal plans; everything from mediterranean dieting to High protein diets. It tailors plans to you; you can set a goal, pick a pace, and it caters to your eating preferences and allergies. It helps you track healthy habits like drinking water and eating veggies, comes with hundreds of incredible recipes, helps you track exercise, and can be used to count calories and track macros.

There aren’t many apps available that cater to you and your needs; Lifesum is the exception. If your fitness is a priority to you, or you simply want it to be, the app is a great way put your health and fitness back in the forefront. Tell the app how much you want to move each day, set reminders for meals and exercise, and get helpful tips for preparation and dieting. It’s all you’ll ever need in a fitness app.

What are my next steps?

Ready to make your health and fitness number one? 

  • Download the Lifesum app
  • Set your health goal and your pace and let the app create the perfect plan for you
  • You’re all set for your fittest year yet!

Download the app and start on your fitness goals today!

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Easy to use, love the interface and how it has recipes and keeps me on plan. I upgraded to the full version, no regrets! I’ve tried many apps and in my opinion this one is the simplest to use and guides my choices!

Seriously, I’ve tried it all. Get this! It’s super easy, and if you want personalized help it’s CHEAP and WORTH EVERY PENNY. I’m a happier, healthier gal.

I have tried many different calorie counting apps and have never been able to stick to them. However, I have been using lifesum for a while now and am absolutely loving it!! I even bought the premium version! I also have an Apple Watch and love the little green apple that motivates me to move & and drink my water! <3