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What is the keto diet and how can it help you lose weight?

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It seems like everyone’s talking about the low carb ketogenic diet. But, what is it and how exactly will it help you lose weight?

Lifesum, the keto app helping 40 million users on the journey to better health, has all the answers.

What is a keto diet?

A ketogenic diet, or keto diet, drastically reduces the amount of carbohydrates you consume and replaces them with fat.

Olive oil, fatty fish, eggs, vegetables and berries all take centre stage on this diet, while starchy carbs like bread, pasta and sugar are ruled out. 

When you reduce your consumption of carbs and replace them with fats, you achieve a state of ‘ketosis’ which means your body starts to use fat storage for energy instead of sugar/glucose.

Why will a keto diet help you lose weight?

Achieving ketosis essentially increases your metabolism, turning your body into a fat burning machine.

When consuming fat without carbs, you also experience an appetite reduction which makes you eat smaller portions without thinking about it. 

These changes in your diet will help you lose weight in a natural way. According to experts, the keto diet also stabilises your blood sugar which lowers blood pressure and can help prevent heart disease.

Which Keto diet is right for you?

At Lifesum, we want to make losing weight simple and enjoyable and our Keto Meal Plans do just that.

We have four different kinds of Keto Plans in our app, depending on the level of intensity you’re after.

Keto Strict: Keto Strict is an all or nothing approach. It’s a great diet plan for those who need simple rules and want to lose weight quickly and without hunger. 

Keto Burn: Keto Burn follows the same plan as Keto strict but it’s a meal plan so includes pre-planned meals and complete shopping lists. Having the time to plan meals is half the battle when you’re trying to stick to a diet so we aim to do all the hard work for you. 

Keto Medium: Keto medium is designed to enable you to transition into a low carb, high fat lifestyle. It has a less tough approach to carbs than Keto Strict or Burn. This plan is good for those that would rather transition to keto to make sure your body adapts.

Keto Easy: Keto easy is a plan with carbs with a low glycaemic index to achieve a more stable blood sugar levels. This is a great plan for those who still want to include foods such as quinoa and oats in their diet. 

1 Set a goal

When creating your Lifesum account, we’ll ask you what your goal weight is and recommend a realistic and healthy pace to reach it. You might want to tweak it depending on if you have a specific deadline or if you want your journey to be easier (but a little longer).

2 Choose your keto plan

Our keto diet is available in three versions: Easy, Medium & Strict. Easy is a good choice when you want your body to adapt to a keto diet or after a longer time of ketosis when wanting to slowly include carbs again. Medium and especially Strict speeds up your weight loss like nothing else.

3 Plan ahead

Successful keto dieters plan ahead. Take some time to find and save recipes you like and get in the habit of meal prepping. Also, make sure you always have some keto friendly goodies ready to avoid snaccidents ;)

4 Track your eating

Tracking regularly is the #1 thing we see successful Lifesum users doing. It will allow us to make your journey easier and you to learn about nutrition and gain valuable insights about your health. Make sure to also turn on the water tracker: drinking water is more important than you think for weight loss!

What’s included in Lifesum Keto diets and meal plans?

All our keto diet and meal plans include a personalized macro tracker, carb tracker, net carb calculations and keto recipes for all occasions. 

Diets are also tailored to your weight loss goal. Simply enter your desired weight and use the handy barcode scanner to track your food, plus record your water and exercise. 

You’ll also receive nutritional hints and tips which help you stay focused and motivated during the course of the plan. 

Download the app to get started with your Keto plan today!

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