Clean vs Dirty Keto Dieting

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The Lifesum app is the ultimate keto diet toolkit, helping 40-million people worldwide lose weight.

With the ketogenic diet, you’ll lose weight and get in shape whilst feeling energized, without hunger or cravings. But what are clean and dirty Keto?

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What is keto?

On the Keto diet, instead of getting the largest portion of your calories from carbs, you make them the smallest, limiting carb intake to 50g or fewer per day. You replace that high carb intake with a high fat intake; this moves your body into a state known as Ketosis where it burns fat for energy instead of carbs, releasing ketones into your bloodstream and helping you to burn stored fat.

Because you limit carb intake on Keto diets and up your fat intake, the majority of foods you eat will be high-fat foods. Think foods like avocado, cheese, fish, olives, nuts, meat, and eggs.

The result is that you burn more fat, boost your metabolism, and experience more stabilised blood sugar levels.

So what are clean
and dirty Keto?

Clean Keto is all about eating the Keto way but only eating clean foods which are minimally processed (or better yet not processed at all) and are packed full of nutrients. Dirty Keto is about eating the Keto way but only paying attention to the macros, and not taking into account other nutrients that might be either useful or unhelpful.

Dirty Ketoers are likely to eat a lot of prepackaged, processed food, which, while it does adhere to the general rules of Keto, isn’t good for overall health.

Doing Keto the right way

With health app Lifesum, users get access to a whole host of different Keto diets that offer guidance, tips, recommendations and more to help people succeed with healthy ‘clean’ Keto dieting. It’s the best way to do the Keto diet and make sure you get the results you’re looking for, both short-term and long-term.

If you’re ready to start Keto dieting and want to make sure you do it the right way, Lifesum is the perfect way to do so. The app comes with three different Keto diet offerings to suit different lifestyles and health goals, and walks you through every detail, even suggesting recipes you can make to keep you on track.

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