5 reasons to start a keto diet in 2019

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The keto diet is an incredibly effective weight loss diet. Through it, the body burns fat stores for fuel, producing little molecules known as ketones and drastically increasing how much fat you’re able to burn. The Lifesum app guides you with meal plans, carb counting and macro tracking.

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Here are five reasons why you should start the keto diet.

1. You’ll lose weight

When we talk about losing weight, what we really mean is losing fat. The keto diet is all about burning fat, so you’ll lose weight quickly, sustainably and effectively. The Lifesum app helps you to see exactly how much you’re losing from week to week.

2. You won’t go hungry

Unlike calorie counting diets, the keto diet isn’t about eating less overall. It’s about eating less of certain food types, like bread and pasta and more of others, like avocados and fatty fish. It can be challenging to figure out what to eat, but the two new keto meal plans on the Lifesum app come with great recipes. You don’t have to be hungry; eat until you’re full!

3. Stabilized blood sugar levels

If you’re someone who tends to experience high energy in the morning and lower levels in the afternoons (after lunch for example), ketosis will help to stabilize your energy levels so that you don’t experience such drastic changes.

4. More good cholesterol, less bad cholesterol

One of the best ways to improve the amounts of good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol), is by eating fat. When you have higher levels of HDL, you’re immediately at a lower risk for heart disease. If you’re someone with high amounts of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol), then eating a ketogenic diet is great because it increases the size of the LDL particles (larger particles are linked to a lower risk of heart attack and other heart disease) and reduces the overall number, boosting your heart health.

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5. It couldn’t be easier

With the Lifesum app, keto dieting is at its easiest. It’s two newly launched keto plans, Keto Burn for quick weight loss, and Keto Mainatin helping you maintain your weight, last 21 days and come equipped with macro tracking, detailed food lists, tons of mouth-wateringly good keto recipes, and tips and tricks on how to make keto dieting a success.

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Easy to use, love the interface and how it has recipes and keeps me on plan. I upgraded to the full version, no regrets! I’ve tried many apps and in my opinion this one is the simplest to use and guides my choices!

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