3 Weeks to Fit: How this app can help you get in shape

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How it works

We get it, and we don’t like it either; and not simply for aesthetic reasons. Belly fat is actually proven to be more dangerous than other types of fat. It’s been linked to inflammation, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and strokes. Ouch!

Thankfully, making the right choices over a short period of time can lead to significant changes in your body and your shape. In a 3-week period, you could lose upwards of 4 lbs just by eating 500 fewer calories a day; and if you exercise for around 200 minutes a week you should start seeing changes in your body, providing everything else stays consistent.

Now, with all that said, it can still be hard to know what to do to make sure you get the results you want. Thankfully, there’s an app that can help with that. The Lifesum app has a 3-week meal plan that can help you cultivate a healthy routine and get in great shape.

The ultimate tool for a healthy lifestyle

The 3-week meal plan features meal-by-meal, day-by-day plans, an extensive shopping list, delicious recipes, and congratulatory messages to encourage you along the way. All the hard work of planning is done for you, all you need to do is buy the ingredients, cook the meals and eat up all the healthy goodness.

Beyond the 3-week meal plan, the Lifesum app has a comprehensive body measurement tracker that helps you monitor your weight and body measurements for a complete overview of your progress; a water tracker to make sure you stay hydrated, and a whole host of recipes, just in case you want something outside of the meal plan or need to cook for family.

Obviously, results will vary from person-to-person dependent on activity level and current body weight, but regardless of your weight and size, you’re guaranteed to see changes if you follow the 3-week plan.

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I have tried many different calorie counting apps and have never been able to stick to them. However, I have been using lifesum for a while now and am absolutely loving it!! I even bought the premium version! I also have an Apple Watch and love the little green apple that motivates me to move & and drink my water! <3

This app is so helpful that I bought the premium version. In this first week of using The Energizer I have lost over 7 pounds!

This is the best app I’ve tried so far. It finds EVERYTHING. The insights are so helpful and have made me more conscious of what I’m eating. The recipes look great, interface is intuitive and user-friendly. I just upgraded to Premium and excited to keep using this app!