Starving yourself with the hope of dropping a few pounds might seem like a good plan, but it’s not the best method for trimming down. The more you restrict your daily calorie intake, the more stubborn your fat stores will become, as your body will fight to keep the fat you’ve built up. The good news is you really can reduce your calorie intake without starving.

Low-Calorie Plus High Satisfaction

Americans are not eating enough fiber. We need about 30 grams of fiber a day for optimal health, but most of us only get about half. Foods rich in fiber like broccoli, beans, and oatmeal are low in calories, and they’ll fill you up and help control hunger. A fiber-rich eating plan will help reduce your risk of colon cancer and the big one: heart disease.

If you have a difficult time meeting your daily fiber needs, puree some vegetables and use them in a sauce, or sneak some flaxseed or oats in a protein-rich, no-sugar-added smoothie. Eat whole fruits and drink water instead of downing high-calorie beverages, and reach for the whole-grain bread instead of the kids’ favorite white. When you choose a variety of foods with satiating ingredients, you’ll be satisfied without busting your daily caloric intake.

Skip These Foods

One of the most destructive habits that people identify as healthy is drinking juice. While this might seem like a virtuous food,  the truth is that even freshly squeezed fruit juice isn’t much more than sugar and water. According to the National Institutes of Health, sugar-laden drinks are closely associated with weight gain and diseases like Type 2 diabetes. In addition, liquid meals don’t send your brain that “I’m full” signal, so you’re more likely to keep eating to compensate, and those calories just keep adding up to weight gains.

Protein shakes took center stage in the fitness arena decades ago, but are they good for you? While protein is the macronutrient with the highest overall satiety, most processed protein powders don’t incorporate enough fiber, and not all protein shakes are equal. If you rely on shakes to replace protein in your regular meals, you’ll miss out on all the nutritional benefits of whole foods like fish rich in omega-3 and beans that help fill us up so that we feel satisfied.

Calculate Calories With an App

With Lifesum’s calorie intake calculator, it’s never been easier to track your healthy habits. This simple app helps you pick the right foods and the right portion sizes for you. One of the many useful things about using a calorie intake calculator is the comprehensive overview of your nutrition. If you’re not sure what you’re about to put in your mouth is healthy, add it to your calorie intake calculator and see what it says.

The worst food choices for weight loss are highly processed junk. These foods are typically loaded with sugar, refined grains, and saturated fats that do nothing to satisfy your hunger, nor your healthy ambitions. You can reduce your caloric intake without starving.

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5 out of 5 stars

I can’t believe all the options in the food diary there are. Like, even generic food options from my local grocery store. I like the food plans it has an option, it has synced to my Fitbit, and has been user friendly. I’m excited to see how this plays out. I’m always a skeptic, but off to a great start!

5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this app for months now and has really helped with my food intake, I have found it very helpful. Figuring out what type of foods I should be eating to be healthier! Since I had no clue what I was doing! I’m thankful I found this app!!!!

5 out of 5 stars

I have tried many different calorie counting apps and have never been able to stick to them. However, I have been using lifesum for a while now and am absolutely loving it!! I even bought the premium version! The design of the app is beautiful and easy to use.

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