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Hey Google,
track a small lunch

Initializating tracking of one lunch. Tracking confirmed. Just kidding, I’m not Terminator.

Hands-free Health

Lifesum on your Google Assistant allows you to stay on top of your health goals quicker and easier than ever before. To get started just say “Hey Google, talk to Lifesum” in your Google Assistant app on your mobile. Also available on all Google Assistant enabled devices.

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Track your day

With Lifesum on your Google Assistant you can track your water intake, meal size and weight in seconds. Try saying something like “I had 3 glasses of water”, “I ate a huge breakfast” or “I weigh 76kg”. Make sure to open the Lifesum app to add more details to meal items and set new weight goals.

Example conversation

  • Track a glass of water

  • Ok, one glass of water, got it!

  • I just ate a small dinner. Please track it

  • Small dinner. Sounds tasty!

To use Lifesum on your Google Assistant, open your Google Assistant app or other Google Assistant enabled devices and say “Talk to Lifesum” and follow the instructions.

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